Registered Massage – our uniquely relaxing, therapeutic massage is flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs. Our massage combines a number of techniques designed to soothe and recharge you.  Massage therapy is part of a healthy lifestyle and can help in a number of different areas including helping to relieve stress and anxiety, relax muscles, relieve tension headaches, enhance & maintain good health, stimulate circulation, and overall rejuvenation.   All of our massages are performed by Registered Massage Therapists and the cost of massage is often covered by your employee health benefits program.


Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage mainly focuses on releasing knots and tension in the deeper layer of the muscle. It is ideal for someone who have suffer from chronic pain or sports injuries. Benefits includes reduces pain, stress relief and promote healing and body wellness.


Couples Massage

Bring a friend or family member along! Two persons can enjoy the massage experience at the same time in the same room. A perfect escape to spend quality time together.


Hot Stone Massage

Involved heated flat stones, which are placed on various energy point of the body. Similar to Swedish massage; the only difference is placing several hot stones on the body. Benefits: Includes promote deep relaxation, relieve muscle pain and tension, release toxins and improve skin texture and appearance.